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Wellness Infusion Pricing

Myers Mixture  - $175

Migraine/chronic pain infusion  - $185

Anti-aging/beauty infusion  - $185

Metabolic Booster   - $ 300

Detoxification mixture   -  $200

Hangover Cure   -  $150

** All pricing subject to change

NAD+ infusion   -  $400

NAD+  Mini Infusion   -  $200

**all pricing subject to change


B-12   - $30

NAD+ (100mg)   -  $100

NAD+ (200mg)   -  $ 200

Alpha Lipoic Acid   -   $50

Lipo - C   -   $40

Glutathione   -  $ 60

Famotidine   -  $15

Toradol   -   $ 25

Selenium   -  $ 100

Zofran  -  $10

** All pricing Subject to change

Financial Policy
Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, credit/debit cards, and checks. Returned checks result in a $30 fee. Any unpaid balance will be your responsibility.
We accept most major insurances and are a preferred provider of AETNA, BCBS and VA Community Care Network. We also offer a flat office visit fee of $185.00 for which we do not bill insurance. For more information, see below.

payment at time-of service RATE $185.00

  • Urgent Care at Lake Lucille charges a pay at time of service of $185.00 for all office visit for self-pay patients and patients with major medical plans or high deductibles. (we will not bill insurance)

  • Payment is required at time of service.

  • Any additional services, IE: X-ray, sutures, lab work, etc. will be charged at regular price. A discount of 15% will be adjusted on all additional services if paid in full at time of service. 

  • At your request, UCLL will provide you with a report of your charges with diagnosis codes if you would like to submit the charges to your insurance. (this will be provided at a later date once charges are submitted through our coding department)

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