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Wellness Infusion Therapy

IV therapy is a popular type of therapy used today for improving a person’s health and overall well-being through an IV drip that typically takes about 60 minutes. IV wellness therapy can help improve energy levels, reduce signs of aging, helps treat and prevent migraines and chronic pain symptoms, boots immune system, detoxifies the liver, and reverses effects of a hangover.

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Myers' Cocktail

A Myers' cocktail is an increasingly popular intravenous therapy. The late John Myers, MD, was the first to introduce this vitamin and mineral treatment. He designed this formula to potentially treat several clinical conditions including fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, and more.


Detoxification Therapy

The detoxification IV therapy is great for reversing damage associated with aging, boosting skin and hair health, supporting the liver, reducing oxidation and inflammation, and improving cognitive function, and replenishing vital nutrients and electrolytes.


Anti-Aging, Beauty Infusion

Fortify hair, skin, & nails, support collagen to improve complexion. Helps promote restful sleep

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Metabolism Booster

Helps boost metabolism through promoting a healthy adrenal response, can improve thyroid function, and promotes restful sleep

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Hangover Cure

Resolve nausea, headaches, body aches, and improves fatigue.

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Migraine and Chronic Pain

This IV treatment can provide relief from migraines and chronic pain in several ways. They provide hydration, electrolytes, and vitamins that are delivered directly into your bloodstream. This means faster and more effective relief than taking oral medications. IV therapy also quells overactive nerve endings, as well as symptoms such as inflammation, pain, and nausea 


Infusion Cocktails


Myers Mixture  - $175

Migraine/chronic pain infusion  - $185

Anti-aging/beauty infusion  - $185

Metabolic Booster   - $ 300

Detoxification mixture   -  $200

Hangover Cure   -  $150

NAD+ infusion   -  $400

NAD+  Mini Infusion   -  $200


B-12   - $30

NAD+ (100mg)   -  $100

NAD+ (200mg)   -  $ 200

Alpha Lipoic Acid   -   $50

Lipo - C   -   $40

Glutathione   -  $ 60

Famotidine   -  $15

Toradol   -   $ 25

Selenium   -  $ 100

Zofran  -  $10

Wellness Infusion Resources

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